“It’s a stressful environment”, Antonino Cannavacciuolo breaks the silence

Antonino Cannavacciuolo is one of the reference points in the kitchen: one of the most important chefs in Italy, but it’s not always that easy

A job that pays off for many sacrifices, but it is not always so easy to work with many collaborators in the kitchen: there is not a single point of view and often there is even a conflict.

For years it has been a point of reference with useful tips in the kitchen for aspiring chefs: as a judge of Masterchef Antonino has been increasingly successful Cannavacciuolo, who has become a national and international star. Very active on social media, he is always full of work commitments in his restaurants and also working with numerous programs in which he is involved on the small screen. He never stops, but only in the summer he returns to his house to spend days of absolute relaxation in the company of his family and friends of all time.

A job that pays off for the many sacrifices made over these long years, but working in the kitchen is not always so beautiful and satisfying. Collaborating and being heard is not for everyone: you need a strong personality to manage a team of people just as if it were a football team, as he revealed in an old interview with the microphones of finedininglovers.it.

Antonino Cannavacciuolo, the desire to never give up

cane judge

TO Masterchef he was noted for his precious advice as he himself revealed: “They are for the right: compliments when they do well, reproaches when they deserve it. But not when they make a mistake, beware, when they don’t listen to me. On the other hand, training is not caressing: as we say in Campania, Mazze and panelle fannu li figli belli, panelle without clubs make them pacci sons “.

Later he also made a fitting comparison: “Football is like cooking: there is the one who is good behind, the perfectionist, the one who gives the brushstroke, the coach keeps concentration high. Problems in the locker room can make the game, the serve, go badly. And the real success, in the end, is training the boys and creating a team ”.

A painstaking and satisfying job, but every day is important to avoid making a bad impression in the kitchen. The star chef himself is currently a point of reference for aspiring chefs becoming an icon of Italian cuisine also around the world.


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