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The journalist ran the most popular evening news of the last decade for years: but she was fired suddenly (and replaced with a 39-year-old of Indian and Ugandan descent). And many peers and audiences believe the real reason is her in her age – her age and the fact that she stopped dyeing her hair.

NEW YORK – Elections, wars, natural disasters. The journalist Lisa LaFlamme followed the most important stories of recent years for Canadian TV, leading the most watched evening news of the last decade – and the best according to the Canadian Screen Awards that had awarded it this year.

Nevertheless on Monday she was suddenly fired. The news sparked a debate in Canada about sexism and “ageism,” the age discriminationin the media.

LaFlamme broke the news on Twitter, explaining that last June Bell Media, the company of CTV News, decided to suspend its contract after 35 years and less than two years after the expiration and that it was asked to maintain confidentiality. for weeks. “I was taken aback and am still shocked and saddened by Bell Media’s decision. I’m 58 and thought I still had a lot of time to tell other stories that impact our daily life. Even if I’m broken about leaving CTV National News in a way I didn’t choose, you know that journalism has been the greatest honor of my life for you and I thank you for always being there. ”

The network replied that it was one “Business decision”, in line with changes in public habits.

The political correspondent Omar Sachedina, 39, of Indian and Ugandan origins – underrepresented communities in Canadian media – took over from LaFlamme.

But among colleagues and in the public, in examining the reasons that may have led to this decision, including the clash over the resources to be used to cover the war in Ukraine, many believe that the real reason for the dismissal is LaFlamme’s white hair.

The reporter had made headlines when in 2020 he had stopped using them. It happened during the pandemic, he explained in an interview. Not being able to go to the hairdresser, she got tired of doing it on her own every day before going on the air. “In the end I said: but why should I worry? Honestly, if I had known that the experience would be so liberating, I would have done it sooner. ‘

According to the Canadian newspaper “Globe and Mail”, Michael Melling did not like the new styleexecutive director of CTV News, who allegedly asked who gave her the authorization.

Many Canadians instead celebrated LaFlamme’s choice on social media and now protest his dismissal, recalling that his predecessor Lloyd Robertson retired at 77, not 58 and suggesting that kicking her out in this way sends a larger negative message to all women: they cannot be themselves.

August 21, 2022 (change August 21, 2022 | 15:12)

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