Jam Penny and Queen Elizabeth: she has eaten one a day since she was a child

Not only ketogenic diet among the secrets of the long life (and iron health) of Queen Elizabeth II. Between eating habits of the English sovereignaccording to what her former private chef has announced, there are also jam pennies, or small round sandwiches usually filled with jam and cream that Queen Elizabeth has been eating every day for almost a century now.
The revelation of Darren McGradythis is the name of the former royal cook, comes from YouTube and full of details. The first? Maest’s favorite jam of hers would be one preserves of strawberries and red fruits sourced from the farmlands around Balmoral Castle, Scotland. According to what McGrady explains, it is learned, then, that the queen began to eat morsels of soft bread and jam as a child, in the room dedicated to children.
A sweet routine that he would never abandon and that, over time, he would learn to accompany with afternoon tea, as in the best English tradition.

The real dilemma

Another gem, always at McGrady: Even today, at the Palazzo, the sandwiches are cut into circles about the size of a British penny, the coin from which they take their name, and stuffed with del soft butter (or cream) and jam.
Eleven years in the service of the longest-serving monarch of all time authorized McGrady to let go to other truthsin an attempt to solve a real dilemma: are sandwiches filled with jam or cream first?
The answer, in a second video, is always provided by him: The queen is a lover of jam that she spreads first. The cream clumps immediately after.
Perhaps con some strawberry fresh separately that, according to rumors, The Queen would eat in the evening, three or four times a week. But only if in season. Woe, in fact, to offer her red fruits in January. She could cost you your head, McGrady then joked that he had no confirmations or denials from the Palazzo.

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