Japan will reopen its borders to foreign tourists after two years of restrictions

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Thursday announced the reopening of Japan’s borders to all travelers from abroad, after more than two years of restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. From next 11 October all vaccinated travelers will therefore be able to enter Japan without particular limits and will no longer necessarily have to be part of a tour organized through a local tourist agency, a condition that was imposed last June to allow the slow recovery of foreign tourism. .

The measure announced by the Japanese government also provides for the removal of the maximum limit of daily arrivals imposed to date. To enter Japan, however, it will be necessary to prove that you have received at least three doses of the coronavirus vaccine and that you are negative in a test.

The reopening of the borders to all travelers arriving from abroad was wait and predicted: Japan, the world’s third largest economy, had been one of the last rich countries to keep its borders closed for so long.

Among the government’s objectives is to restore the flow of travelers, in the hope that it will help revive the local economy: in particular, some Japanese economists they believe that restarting foreign tourism in Japan could help raise the value of the yen, the Japanese currency, whose value has fallen to its lowest level against the US dollar in more than two decades.

Kishida said that the government intends to take “all necessary measures” to stabilize the value of the yen: for this reason it has also announced a program of economic incentives to encourage travel and travel also within Japan, with discounts on travel and on entrances to tourist attractions, sporting events and concerts.

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