Jasmine Carrisi no longer hides and publishes the photo of the kiss with her new boyfriend

Jasmine Carrisi on Instagram no longer hides and posts a photo with her new flame. Here’s who it is and the reaction of the followers to the tender shot.

Jasmine Carrisi’s summer continues with new professional projects and trips around Italy. After the last interview on Rai 1 in which she was moved, she spoke of the strong bond that unites her with her father Al Bano di lei, eyes and ears focused on the release of her new single. The cover of Nobody with the participation of the famous singer of Cellino San Marco and the rapper Clementino, is splashed in trend on Youtube. In fact, it is the fifth most viewed video of the week in Italy on the entire platform.

A golden period for the young woman, who also made it known that she was interested in a new television experience in the company of her mother Loredana Lecciso. The two could in fact make their debut next autumn in a container of their own, which it seems the journalist from Lecce cares a lot about. All roses and flowers then: but in the love life? Is there anyone in Jasmine’s life or is she single? Difficult to imagine given her beauty and just yesterday, the twenty-one has dispelled all doubts with a shot on Instagram in the company of a famous young man: that’s who she is.

Jasmine Carrisi and the photo with her new him

Yesterday afternoon, Jasmine Carrisi on Instagram shared with her followers a very sweet image in the company of a mysterious boy, with whom she had never been seen. This is D’art, a young emerging artist who has recently released the single Fragile and on social media, it has a very strong army of fans. Suffice it to note that among his followers, there is a respectable user who bears the name of Jovanotti.

To unite the two, therefore, it could have been the strong passion for the world of music and access to our local record scene. The fact is that the couple has immortalized themselves in a very particular photo, which does not seem to denote a relationship of friendship, on the contrary. A warm black and white hug with him kissing her on her cheek and her replicating her gesture in front of her camera. So a new love story was born? What will mom Loredana and dad AL Bano think? Still all is silent. The fact is that the young Carrisi has very clear ideas about her future and how she wants her life to go on from now on.

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