Jeff Bezos spared no expense, the new mega yacht has an unimaginable cost

Not yet delivered, but already capable of making people talk: Oceanco Y721, yacht commissioned by Bezos, has an out-of-this-world price

It was able to make a name for itself even before it was launched. She is Jeff’s new commissioned yacht Bezosfounder and president of Amazon. An ultra-luxury boat that is a candidate to be among the largest in the world.

Bezos © Ansa

At 127 meters long (40 meters high) it will be the thirtieth largest yacht in existence, the second sailing behind the Russian tycoon Andrey’s sailing ship ‘A’ Melnichenko which with its 142.81 meters in length holds the record in this field.

But there is not only the greatness to characterize the yacht wanted by Bezos and built in the Dutch shipyards of Oceanco. The Dutch shipyard was at the center of a long dispute: to complete and deliver the yacht to the American billionaire, it was clear to the Municipality of Rotterdam that it could temporarily dismantle the De Hef, historic city bridge. A request that raised controversy and which, in the end, Oceanco gave up, finding an alternative solution that has been implemented in recent days. Chronicle aside, let’s go back to the characteristics of the future Bezos yacht with its 127 meters in length and details to be discovered.

Bezos’ new yacht: price out of this world

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos © Ansa

Obviously, as happens with projects of this nature, there are few rumors circulating about the yacht Y721. It is known, for example, that it will have three masts and that it will have a large swimming pool on the aft deck and can accommodate up to 18 people. In addition, the crew can consist of 40 members.

It is impossible not to imagine that all the details that characterize luxury yachts will find place on board: from the spa to the gym, passing through the classic solarium. A peculiarity is represented by the smallest yacht (30 meters) present on board with the function of tender.

The closure is inevitably dedicated to the price: we are talking about a 430 million euro project. Certainly not a figure that could create problems for Bezos who, with his assets estimated at 171 billion dollars, is the second richest man in the world.

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