JULIA is not pregnant, twist!

Can a rather heightened state of anxiety be mistaken for pregnancy? That’s what it will happen to Julia Maria Infante (Laura Ledesma) in the next ones Italian episodes from Another Tomorrow. In fact, the girl will be convinced that she is expecting a child from her “husband” Sergio Cuevas (Sergio Brocca), but things will not be like this at all. Let’s try to understand why …

Another Tomorrow, news: Julia thinks she is pregnant

As we explained earlier, Julia will begin to feel severe nausea. Since she will also have a delay in her menstrual cycle, the woman will therefore consider taking a pregnancy test, which will be positive. At that point, since the hypothetical child is the result of a night of love spent with Sergio (which she has always considered a mistake), Infante will not know how to behave about it and will confide in Elena Prieto (Aida de la Cruz).

In a short time, the mother too Diana (Cristina de Inza) will learn about the pregnancy, forcing Julia to talk to Sergio about the matter. However, the man’s reaction will be nothing short of surprising given that he will run away when his wife confesses that she is pregnant!

Another Tomorrow, plots: Sergio agrees to be a father to the child!

After a few days of reflection, during which he will not even be available on the phone, Sergio will retrace his steps and will present himself to Julia to ask her for another chance because he has understood that he wants to be a father to the unborn child. Initially, the Infante will ask Sergio for some time to think better about what to do but she, since she will be frightened by the prospect of becoming a mother, she will then accept her help, while making it clear that she does not want to get back together with him as a couple. .

On the one hand, Sergio will settle again in the village and rent a room in the hotel in Tirso Noguera (Oliver Ruano), on the other, Julia will choose to follow mother Diana’s advice and will book a visit to the family gynecologist to understand how the gestation is proceeding. And it is precisely here that the sensational twist will come …

Another Tomorrow, spoiler: Julia is not pregnant … now what?

Yes: we can in fact anticipate that the doctor will communicate to Julia that she is not expecting any baby, specifying that the symptoms felt are nothing more than the result of an anxiety that she has carried within herself for weeks. News that will infuriate Diana (who will blame her daughter for having done only one pregnancy test before giving everyone the announcement) and that will plunge Julia into even more total anguish, which Sergio will try in vain to remedy. .

In short, for the umpteenth time Julia will create another mess that will inevitably lead her to the center of the “chatter” of the village. What’s going to happen?

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