Juve, listen to Pogba’s partner in France: “World Cup? Chances compromised!”

The start of the season Juventus it was definitely not as expected. 9 points in 5 days and a game that does not fly off, attracting the attention of critics.

Among the many problems related to the world White blackthere is also that of accidents: Church is out of last season, Of Maria seems to have recovered after a period of fragility e Paul Pogba he decided to have surgery in the week after he had opted for conservative therapy. They are just the 3 most important names to which the Juve he had to give up at the start of the season.

Juve Pogba injury

The injury of Pogba turned out to be more serious than expected, with the Frenchman hoping to return by the end of September to be enlisted for the World thanks to conservative therapy. This did not happen and the injury forced the midfielder to undergo surgery, bringing the chances of seeing him in close proximity to zero. Qatar.

Precisely about this topic he exposed himself Hugo Llorisgoalkeeper of the Tottenham and the French national team, at the end of the match of Champions of the Spurs won against the Marseille: “Pogba? The chances of seeing him at the World Cup are compromised “.

Everyone knows by now. A bad management of the situation and a not indifferent bad luck force the Octopus to give up the biggest competition between nations.

Leonardo Costigliola

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