Juventus, Allegri in the storm: at the stadium and on social media, fans ask for exemption. Even Milik and Di Maria contest it: a video appears

“I don’t feel at risk, these moments are part of football. These are difficult times ”. They are the words spoken by Massimiliano Allegricoach of the Juventusafter losing 2-1 to Benfica in Champions League. The performance and its management, however, are officially in the dock: rumors about a possible are becoming more and more insistent exemption of the technician, for the first time we talk about it openly.

The managing director of the Turin team, Maurizio Arrivabene, he replied to a fan who asked him for a change on the bench: “Do you pay the other one who arrives?”. A bitter truth, not exactly a defense of Allegri’s work. Sui social rumors explode about Allegri’s exemption. Shortly after comes the clarification from the management: “Let’s clarify this story of joke: Creating a case about such a thing seemed a bit grotesque to me, ”Arrivabene explained. In the meantime, however, the hashtag has been trending Allegriout.

Discontent spreads on the web but is also tangible in reality. At the Stadium for the first time, chants against the coach were heard and at the end of the match the whistles of the fans present in the stands also arrived. Allegri had to admit that the match was not played at its best: “It would have been ugly even in the event of a draw ”, but he said he was sure that now it is necessary to continue training and not get lost in controversy. The path in the Champions League for Juventus has become complexthe coach therefore asks for “serenity and responsibility”.

On Twitter there is also a video in which Arkadiusz Milik And Angel Di Maria seem to dispute the coach’s choice of substitute just the Polish in the seventieth minute. The coach had defended his decision shortly before, calling it “right”. Di Maria, however, does not seem to agree when she turns to her partner and says “porque”, mimicking the typical gesture of replacement. Milik spreads his arms.

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