Juventus, CRO Giorgio Ricci leaves the Juventus club

There Juventus for a significant part of my life it was my second home, my second family where I grew up, left and returned, but above all from which I learned the true culture of work and the pursuit of excellence“.

This opens the greeting from the Juventus Chief Revenue Officer Giorgio Ricci, who, through a post published on his LinkedIn profile, says goodbye to the Juventus club. An adventure that began in 2018 in this role – when Andrea Agnelli, with the farewell of Marotta, had wanted to base the Juventus organizational model on three pillars – and that ends after four years, seven considering his second full experience at Juve.

Previously, in fact, Ricci had started a new professional adventure in 2012 as director of the commercial and marketing area of ​​Inter. This interlude in the Nerazzurri club has divided his two experiences at Juventus, the first begun in 2003. From that year to 2012 he held positions of increasing responsibility within Juventus in Marketing and Sponsorship, until he first assumed the position of Marketing Manager and finally, in November 2008, Head of Partnerships.

Some time ago I informed everyone internally of my decision to leave the club at the end of September. I felt it was the right time to do it because I have always looked forward and tried to be an active part of my futureRicci added, speaking of the decision to say goodbye to the Juventus club.

I take a phrase dear to the person to whom I owe much of my professional experience: “Change before you have to”. I have always believed in these words and how stimulating it is to follow your dreams. That’s why on October 1st my consulting firm will finally be active and I’m ready to give my best, as always, to build something great… stay tuned!»Concluded Ricci.

As mentioned, Ricci has held the role of CRO starting from 2018 with the farewell of Giuseppe Marotta, today at Inter. On that occasion he was entrusted with the revenue area, while a Marco Re the service area was touched, with the sports area in the hands of Fabio Paratici (both managers are no longer part of the Juventus world).

The governance structure of the Juventus club was subsequently changed in 2020. In that year Juventus announced a new organizational structure which provided for the concentration of its activities in two macro-structures: theFootball area and theBusiness Area. For the coordination of the latter he had been chosen Stefano Bertolawhile Ricci remained Chief Revenue Officer.


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