Juventus, Paredes does not solve Allegri’s problems; Inzaghi loses the game on the Corriere.it exchange

from Mario Sconcerti

too many bianconeri crosses without men in the area: essentially not a team. Inter played badly at the Olimpico, dominating only 7 minutes

Juventus does not solve its problemssome are even becoming habitual. He played well, instinctively and in the first half when he was faced with a timid Rome shaken by the goal immediately conceded. But it never managed to become dangerous. Even in the good part of the game, he scored from a free-kick and shot with Cuadrado again from a free-kick. Vlahovic continued to be alone in the middle of the area.

It becomes useless to put a lot of crosses if there is only him in the area. Juve does not bring men into the area nor does it have someone who knows how to find a last pass. Basically, he struggles to become a team. He can’t find a correct reading in midfield, they are all midfielders. The last thirty meters are also occupied with style, but without substance. Lacks Pogbaalso missing Dybala.

What is missing is that much sought-after quality on the market that for now is out. Kostic served to keep Mancini off, it seems like a luxury to me. That doesn’t matter. A deliberate absence, almost sought by Allegri. Juve builds little, in attack they only play on second balls. Crescer, not with Paredes, but another excellent midfielder, not a finishing man. Roma are better in the little that has been seen in the match. At least it has the right men in the right places.

Roma also failed to be dangerous. He once again headed him from a corner. On pure action almost nothing. Two teams that will certainly go on, but still unexpressed, not complete. Tidy and lukewarm. The theme is precisely this general incompleteness. It can be said that it is normal in summer, but the conditions are the same for everyone, the technical difference should already be noted. There are actually gaps where coaches are weighing.

Inter played badly at the Olimpico, dominating for seven minutes, then he dribbled. I don’t find Gagliardini’s choice on Milinkovic scandalous, Calhanoglu would have given him too much more play. Inzaghi lost the game on substitutions and on two technical shots by Pedro and Luis Alberto that Inter did not find. But on the tie, if Gosens and Darmian come in, you want to save your bad game, no more. Meanwhile, De Ketelaere proves to be a high-level player, something that all opponents lack. He will have difficulty in wrestling matches, but he plays football very well. And complete the quality of Milan. The Leao difference, when concentrated without rivals in Italy. It overlooks the Turin, a nice return. In a championship without protagonists yet, a story to follow.

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