Juventus-Roma, Mourinho: “Matic will replace Zaniolo. Felix will not be called up. The Europa League group is tough”

Today, Friday 26 August, at 3 pm, at the press room of the Fulvio Bernardini Sports Center, the press conference of mister José Mourinho on the eve of the expected championship match against Juventus. On Monday 29 August, the pre-Monza press conference is not scheduled, in the wake of what the Portuguese coach had already done last season, during which he chose not to speak to journalists during close matches.

The press conference

How does the team arrive at tomorrow’s match? An opinion on the Europa League draw?

“It’s a great match against a great team, who want to win the Scudetto. But it’s a 38. It’s a good game to play, it depends on your perspective. Playing against a big one is a difficulty and a motivation. We try to take it in a balanced way. It is difficult, but it is beautiful to play and we want to play it. The draws? The Europa League is certainly a difficult competition, with teams that have to win, otherwise it would be a disaster for them, with their economic and sporting potential. We go step by step, obviously we are talking about a group that in my opinion is not easy. Betis have won the cup, they have a top manager and a team that play very well, they are a top-level team. I think I played two years ago against Ludogorets, it’s not an easy team, they almost always win their championship. I don’t know Helsinki, but the evolution of the Northern European teams is very visible, it’s incredible, it’s the first time I play in Finland, with great pleasure, curiosity and respect. Unfortunately another plastic field, but we know it can happen. I hope we will be lucky enough to play there soon and not in November, because it would be doubly hard “

Corriere dello Sport: Is it a match against Juventus that you feel more than the others?

“It’s sport. For me every game has the same eve with the same routine, absolutely nothing changes. I’ve done it many times to go to Turin but it’s an isolated race “

Gazzetta dello Sport: Tomorrow will be a special match for Dybala. What advice do you feel to give him?

“Nobody. Dybala is a guy with a lot of experience and we talk a lot among ourselves. The control of his emotions does not depend on me. From how he has worked these days, I have not seen anything different. He will certainly be excited, but I expect a normal race from him “

Roma have a bad tradition at the Stadium, is there a psychological aspect that must be particularly taken care of?

“Thinking that every match is an isolated match, this Juve-Roma has no connection with the last or the next. It is an isolated event. The past and the future have no connection. From a psychological point of view we can prepare the team in the best possible way, but we always do it. It is not that anything changes for the match with Juve. It is normal. We don’t change the time we go to sleep because we play against Juve. We have grown up, we are prepared, we have trained quite well. We know what we want to do, the players have known who is playing for two days. There is no great story, let’s go there and try to win “

La Stampa: Both Juve and Roma have conceded zero goals. Do you expect a game of big attacks or big defenses?

“It will be a match between two great teams. The teams that take few goals are the strong teams. This does not mean that we are perfect, maybe tomorrow it also ends 4-4. Those who do not concede a goal are a team that plays well, they are a quality team “

Radio Radio: Do ​​you perceive the path that Rome is taking?

“Last year in Turin we played to win, we played well. Regardless of what happened, I was happy with the attitude, not the result. Today I expect the same attitude. Roma must try to win. We are not going to play for a draw, we want to win tomorrow. We will go there to win, if we lose then we will lose “

Teleradiostereo: Is there already a penalty taker grid for tomorrow? Will Felix be summoned?

If he will be there tomorrow we have decided who will shoot him, but it is not a decision for the whole season. It depends on our analysis of the penalty takers, we make the decision before the game. I won’t say who he is otherwise Perin and Szczesny can watch how they pull them, instead so are 4-5 potentials. Dybala? Maybe he shoots differently. For Felix, there is a very high possibility that he can be transferred and we don’t want to risk it. He would not be mentally available to take risks, for this reason he will not be called up tomorrow “

Retesport: In relation to this year’s season, do you want to say something about the referees?

“After the game I can comment, now before the game I cannot comment. My principle is that every referee is good and that he can do well. I can’t make judgments before matches. All the referees are top, all are good. After the game, I can compliment or say that I didn’t like something “

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