Juventus, Salernitana on Sunday: Allegri evaluates the rotations

The Juventus coach could rest some of the most used players such as Danilo and Cuadrado, Di Maria aims for Benfica

After having collected the first defeat of the season at the European debut against PSG, the Juventus is ready to throw itself back on the championship, where it is called to give answers and, above all, to collect points before the stopto try fill the gap that separates it from the summit. Sunday evening at the Stadium arrives the Salernoback from four consecutive earnings, e Max Allegri seems intent on evaluating some rotation: Cuadrado And Danilo are among the suspects to take a turn off, Szczesny could be made available again while Of Maria he works to be there for the second Champions League match, the one against Benfica next Wednesday.

Much will depend on the module that the Livorno coach decides to put in place: in fact, a confirmation of the 3-5-2 visa at the Parco dei Principiwith Milik And Vlahovic ahead, although there is still room for improvement on the understanding between the two.

Bonucci goes towards the confirmation of the starting shirt, also because he needs to put minutes in his legs, at his side there could be one of Rugani And Bremerfresh from a fairly revisable European debut, e Cats, who would return to starting after his debut from 1 ‘with Spezia. The Cuadrado seen in Paris he looks like a player who needs to recharge his batteries and for this reason Allegri could field De Sciglio full band, with one between Kostic And Alex Sandro on the other side. In the middle of the field an almost obvious confirmation for Paredesamong the best ever against PSG, while some more doubts concern the half wings: Locatelliinitially on the bench in the Champions League, he should return to his place, the other if they play him Miretti, Rabiot And McKennie.

Finally there is the goalkeeper chapter: Szczesny he is on the road to recovery after an ankle injury, but it is not certain that he will be the one to start against Nicola’s team. Partly so as not to force recovery times, partly because the Perin of the latest releases gives ample guarantees of safety between the posts.

The one with the bells is there before three races in which it will be forbidden to make mistakes: will follow Benficawith which it will be essential to score points, and the Monza, last appointment before the break. To play both, Allegri hopes, with an extra Di Maria.

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