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from Mario Sconcerti

Juve simply doesn’t exist today. The market was confused, Juve closed with over 100 million assets. Napoli runs with Raspadori, Milan dominated

At high levels, Juve is not there. The few minutes different with the quality of Di Maria they show a lot of what’s missing, but there aren’t any common game ideas either. It almost hurts to see the approximation put together by great players who have come to the border with themselves. Benfica are an excellent team, but they have no phenomena, they only play well at football and have a center forward who takes them all with his head, both in attack and on the goalkeeper’s throw-ins. Ramos the one who gives meaning to the Portuguese academy. But Juve simply doesn’t exist today. The market was confusedJuve closed with over 100 million assets.

I think this is the big difference with history, the sudden normalcy of the whole environment, economic and technical. Juve no longer finds its difference. Benfica knew his lesson in mind, Juve had no lessons to give back. Allegri is also confused, his football flows in front of him with boredom. Not from him.

Napoli is in a big rush, the only Italian with full points and again with Raspadori. For Milan, Dinamo is a good opponent, a name that in the Soviet Union corresponded to the administration of the secret services, the infamous Ceka, and which had Stalin as its first fan; in fact Zagreb was so called when Croatia fell under the communist regime in ’45. Good opponent, well organized, with game temptations and historical Croatian quality, but overall dominated by Milan. They decided on Leao’s accelerations when he entered the game, the ancient precision of Giroud, center forward of other times, almost classic in his efficiency, and the diversity of motion of Brahim Diaz that limited Misic, the director of the others, and created some movements that for Milan are often incomplete.

Bennacer held the game almost alone, leaving it to Tonali the task of a wandering man. it was a calm domain, at the moment in which he was in danger of becoming breathless when the penalty came. It could be difficult in the return, Orsic a player from the European market, but these are other topics. AC Milan clearly won by taking a big step forward in qualifying. It was known, but it was confirmed easily enough.

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