Karina Cascella has her say on the presence of certain influencers in Venice 79

Karina Cascella It intervened on his Instagram profile to answer those who asked her whether or not she will be present this year at the Venice Film Festival Venice.

And here is what his prompt response was on the matter:

I want to publish one of the many messages where I am asked why I am not going or why I am not in Venice. The reality is that the question is another: why should I go to Venice? Who am I to be there? Then every year it gets worse and worse. I understand who has a sponsor and can stay with social media … but the rest? But why do dogs and pigs go? What is this stuff?

Then he went on to specify:

I, guys, don’t say this to argue. I talk about it because I think it is ridiculous to see people who have nothing to do with it and moreover who have no sponsors and have not been called to work, go there and parade, without photographers taking a picture of them and even turning around from the other party. I will really never understand the nerve of some and the meaning of this unsolicited “presence”. They are happy, however, with these fools, everyone happy.

Instagram - Karina Cascella 2

The reference therefore of Karina Cascella it is not intended for all those who are participating or will participate in the Venice Film Festival, but rather for those who have not been invited by anyone, for those who did not go there as an actor or even as an influencer called by sponsors to advertise the clothes.

Of the same opinion, a few days ago too Alessia Cammarota that always through his profile Instagram she had replied to fans who asked her about her participation in the Venice Film Festival.

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