Kate Middleton, the choice that infuriates the Queen: “Zero respect”

There seems to be no peace for the poor Queen. Here’s how they called Kate Middleton her subjects, very angry for her choice.

It is very strange to think that Kate angered the British people. She and her husband have been elected for several years as the favorite royal couple, perhaps second only to Carlo when he was still married to the beloved Lady Diana. It was in fact thought that once the iconic Queen Elizabeth died, the people would be very happy to welcome Charles’s abdication. The Prince of Wales would then leave the kingdom in the hands of his son William and his wife Kate. This time, however, something angered the people who decided to call Kate “the duchess who flees”. The subjects are unable to forgive the duchess’s decision, especially given the precedents. Big trouble at the Windsor house!

Kate Middleton and Prince William infuriate the people. Here’s what happened. The British are very angry with the sovereigns

Usually the perpetrator of scandals is his brother Harry. Until now it seems he had the distinction of being able to anger the members of the royal family especially since he married Meghan Markle. Prince of Wales Charles, has never forgiven his son not only for having let bitter statements about his family but also for having decided to move to California, leaving the country forever. Carlo appears to be a very loving grandfather and was not at all happy with his son’s choice to cut him out of the lives of his grandchildren. The same is about to happen with William and Kate who have decided to move. This decision has made Carlo furious, who has a very close relationship with George, Charlotte and Louis.

It also seems that Carlo was not at all happy with the fact that the couple decided to move away from their paternal grandparents to get closer to the maternal ones considered more capable of helping the Dukes in managing their children. However, it was the subjects who raged most of all of this transfer. When British taxpayers’ money was spent renovating their Kensington Palace apartment, Prince William, who always fights for the homeless, said they would be staying there for many years. Well, it seems like it’s not so hard that they’re close to moving. That is why the British people became furious and named Kate “the duchess who flees”.

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