Kate Middleton’s new black coat sad for the queen

The Kate Middleton’s new black coat it’s not really a new black coat from Kate Middleton. Possible? Yes. The princess of the reworn he reiterated that mourning can be sublime by fetching from his well-stocked royal wardrobe a double-breasted coat by Dolce & Gabbana with round golden buttons, which had been lying for some time in the secret doors of collective memory. Raising even such a small masterpiece of style, after the promotion of the title obtained by King Charles, was the minimum. Thus, the collective emotion for the funeral ceremony was exhausted, even if the royal family extended the mourning private, Prince William and Kate Middleton they broke their silence to offer their thanks to the staff on duty at Windsor Guildhall, for the prolonged and intense work they have undertaken since the death of Queen Elizabeth at the funeral ceremony.

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There was no lack of smiles, pure kindnesses, Prince William confessed to being assailed by moments of deep sadness in thinking back to the queen, everyone’s grandmother, while talking with the staff and volunteers present in Windsor. The prince admitted that the strongest emotional blow came from the social message of the Paddington bear, the protagonist of an irresistible sketch with the queen, because it was totally unexpected (he also reassured the welfare of corgi dogs, everyone’s thinking). Next to him, for the first official engagement by the princes of Wales after his funeral, in his own Kate Middleton black coat he kept us to know personally how the staff members were: “How are you emotionally, because it is not just a physical job, especially reading all the messages” he added, implying the tide of flowers and notes left by the subjects around the royal palaces , promptly arranged and collected by the staff. Faced with thanks for having pushed themselves to share a few moments together, the new princess of Wales he replied “It’s the least we can do. We should have volunteered.” They speak of words, but those of Kate Middleton today they seem to sound sweetly true. At least in the myriad of suppositions and hypotheses that worry the story of the royal family after the farewell to the last queen.


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