Katia Ricciarelli, the chilling background on abortion: “It was Pippo who …”

She was one of the best-known opera singers in Italy, Katia Ricciarelli, and after the end of her marriage with the historic conductor Pippo Baudo she took a few pebbles out of her shoe. The famous soprano admitted during some interviews that she had an abortion.

Katia Ricciarellithe famous soprano, tried to make herself known during her participation in the Big Brother Vip 6 to get closer to that slice of the public for which perhaps it is not known, such as the youngest. The woman, who is now 76 years old, has had a lot to tell about her long life made up of travels and visits to places that are not common to all.

Katia and Pippo-Solospettacolo

But the most profound confessions that have left the audience that follows her with affection speechless she made during some interviews.

Katia Ricciarelli: the child never born

In her adventurous life Ricciarelli had a long relationship with her colleague and tenor José Carreras, duration 13 years; the two met very young and their great love story ended because of his “intemperance”.

Another great story was certainly the one with the famous conductor Pippo Baudoa marriage that began on January 18, 1986 and ended in an unexpected separation in 2004 and divorce three years later.

The soprano spoke about her marriage with one of the most famous men on TV during some interviews, as in the show Beasts, from Francesca Fagnani, letting himself go to some confidences. To the inevitable question of the presenter about what she missed most, Ricciarelli admitted: “I should tell you: ‘son‘, but then I realized one thing: if he didn’t come it had to be like this, so this fury that sometimes is not good because then relationships are ruined. “.

But Fagnani there presses, prompting her to deepen and asks her: “But before you get married became pregnant with Pippo Baudo who convinced her to abort. Because?”

The explanation reveals a background of bitterness: “Because obviously he thought it was too early, we were just engaged to be secretly, but that’s okay. So I’ve been punished, it is right that it went like this. I no longer blame myself or Pippo, it’s something that had decided destiny ”.

A new life for Katia

Waiting for the new edition of Big Brother Vip, starting next September 19th, the rumors that see Katia return to Alfonso Signorini’s studio have become increasingly insistent, but this time as a commentator.

To put an end to these rumors was the same singer who declared in the columns of Novella 2000: “Signorini told me it would be nice to have me as a columnist. It was not, however, an official request. I’m not interested in doing it ”.

Katia Ricciarelli disappointed-Solospettacolo
Katia Ricciarelli-Solospettacolo

While the weekly alo Vero underlined: “Enough, I’ve already given … Now I want to stay in my world, that of music and acting “.

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