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A few tweaks to enrich Akashi’s modern classic with pieces machined from solid: the result is pleasant and respects the personality of the Z900 RS CAFE

August 28, 2022

Lto Kawasaki Z900RS CAFE it is a beautiful modern classic that recalls the historic and iconic Z1 of 1972 in style and, in the coloring lime green, there is that reference to the AMA races won by Eddie Lawson with the KZ1000R that made the success – especially since it went out of production – of another beautiful naked, the ZRX1200R. But, remaining on the Z900RS CAFE, it must be remembered that the model derives strictly from the Z900RS from which it stands out for the riding position (saddle and handlebar induce a different ergonomics) and for the windshield. In short, it changes little between the two sisters, but these bikes are among the favorites – especially in Japan – for a customization work that varies between total distortion or light “make-up” just to enrich and embellish the equipment a little.

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This is precisely the case of the special shown by Baby FaceJapanese manufacturer of accessories, which showcases its entire catalog on a Z900RS CAFE aluminum parts machined from solid dedicated to the Akashi roadster.

S.i go from adjustable footrests (for those who want a less touristy position than that guaranteed by the standard ones which, compared to the naked Z900 on whose platform the modern classics are obtained, are more advanced and central) in a vertical and horizontal range, but there are also mono links , engine mounts, a gritty protection for the sprocket and many other details that we see in the photos in gold anodized but which are also available in the Japanese manufacturer’s catalog in silver or black. There are also clever engine guards anchored to the crankcases, a support bracket for the variable tilt exhaust and guards for the front brake lever.

No.ulla that distorts the aesthetics of the model, but these accessories add a pinch of extra aggression while remaining faithful to the aesthetics of the modern classic Japanese.


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