let’s see why now the tax authorities are raging with retirees and employees

It may seem paradoxical but currently the taxman is paying great attention to retirees and employees.

These are two categories that traditionally the taxman had always controlled little because the bulk of tax evasion in reality is done by professionals and entrepreneurs.


Therefore, traditionally pensioners and employees had always been little controlled because substantially their income comes from the pension slip or from the paycheck and therefore for them, tax evasion is almost impossible.

The reason for the new controls

However, things are changing today. In fact, the taxman has realized that retirees and employees can easily be used as a figurehead by individuals wishing to make tax evasion money laundering or other opaque practices. In the past it would have been impossible to control the millions of Italian pensioners and employees and clearly for the taxman it would have been one truly incredible dispersion of investigative energies. However, today checks on current accounts are very easy for the physicist because there is the super registry of current accounts and also true artificial intelligence.

How the controls work

So today the taxman can check in an absolutely methodical way all transactions made by retirees and employees and all the transfers they receive.


In case of transfers from suspicious sources or in any case both in case of movements that appear strange the pensioner or civil servant or private will immediately be called to justify these movements. It is precisely the algorithms available to the taxman that allow this particular investigative capacity. In fact, today the algorithms available to the taxman can analyze the movements on the accounts in a very thorough and very automated way.

What will have to be justified to the taxman

Then go and highlight any suspicious movement it will be absolutely easy for the physique and even the ordinary citizen who receives a simple pension can be called upon to justify his movements. In this way, the taxman aims to unearth that tax evasion he uses precisely of these subjects to field his plots. This is a really strong turning point for what concerns fiscal controls because clearly without the potential of artificial intelligence and these algorithms of this kind controls would have been absolutely impossible.

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