Lightning bolt from the blue in Rai: highly anticipated program canceled

A real bolt from the blue hit all Rai viewers. In fact, the network has concealed an expected program: what it is.

In these hours, Rai has decided to cancel one of the most anticipated programs of the next television season. Bolt from the blue for all the fans, who will no longer be able to enjoy the showman: let’s find out what happened.

The network has surprisingly chosen to cancel the program (via WebSource)

The latest decision by Rai left everyone perplexed. In fact, the network in these hours has decided to cancel the new Stefano De Martino showtitled Sing Sing Sing. The music program was supposed to air in prime time on Rai 2 starting from the end of September. Talking about the broadcast recently, the column had thought about it The mail of Alessandro Cecchi Paoneon newsstands in the weekly New TV. A reader thought about asking for information about the program.

In fact, Mrs. Raffaella from Pisa hypothesized that behind the Rai decision there may be the fear of a bad result in terms of ratings. Whereas Cecchi Paone he commented: “The real reasons for the cancellation of the program are others“. The television expert then specified: “Wish it was possible to know in advance whether a program will be a hit or a flop“. Let’s find out Alessandro Cecchi Paone’s point on the broadcast canceled by Rai.

Rai, Stefano De Martino’s ‘Sing Sing Sing’ canceled: the reasons

Stefano De Martino
A snapshot of the conductor on social media (via screenshot)

Alessandro Cecchi Paone has therefore decided to clarify the cancellation of the program. The television expert wrote in his column for Nuovo Tv: “If such a thing could be predicted, everything would always be fine on television“. Despite this clarification, Cecchi Paone did not go into detail on the reasons that led the production to cancel the broadcast.

The reader then asked the professor: “Maybe they realized it could be a flop? But couldn’t they have thought about it before?“, With Cecchi Paone who glossed over this question. on or without Sing Sing Sing, Stefano De Martino it will however be busy on Rai 2 in the next TV season with a new edition of Everything is possible tonight. The former dancer inherited the broadcast from Amadeus and immediately convinced the RAI leaders, managing to obtain great success in terms of the public.

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