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Not long ago a detail about the life of Gerry Scotti and his “roommate”, a man who works and lives side by side with the conductor, has been discovered. But who is it?

Gerry Scotti he is one of those men who needs no introduction. A character who very quickly managed to make his way into the entertainment world and to be loved and appreciated by all the Italian people.

His is a figure so well-liked to the point that many have given him a nickname, that of Uncle Gerry. He has always worked in Mediaset, network to which he has remained faithful, covering the role of judge and conductor, managing, over the years, to obtain record numbers. In fact, he worked well 700 first evenings and more than 8000 episodes in daytime.

A man who gets success in every program in which he works. Just think of Free fallor a Who wants to Be a Millionaire. It is also impossible not to mention the satirical news in which very often he is at the conduction, Strip the Newsa program where we see him on many occasions paired with another great presenter and great friend of Gerry Scotti, Michelle Hunziker.

Gerry Scotti is a hard-working man who achieves a lot satisfactions. In fact, we know that his is one of the fees higher than all Italian television on a par with that of Paolo Bonolis and of Maria De Filippi.

Gerry Scotti and his private life

Gerry Scotti, in 1991 got married with Patrizia Grosso, a marriage that unfortunately did not last long. Even though the two gave birth to a son, Edward, in 2002 they chose to break up with.

A divorce that marked Gerry Scotti deep in his heart as he went through a terrible time of crisis and depression.
Fortunately, however, he met then Gabriella Perinoa woman who has managed to bring serenity back into her life.

Theirs was a very lucky meeting happened thanks to the children, two boys who were not only in class together but were also best friends.

Gerry Scotti and the mysterious roommate

Gerry Scotti is a man who has taken root in Milan although, whenever he goes to Rome, spends time in his home with someone else colleague as well as very large friend. Who are we talking about?

His roommate could not be other than him, Rudy Zerbi. This is what Uncle Gerry declared in front of Verissimo’s microphones “When Rudy and I are in Rome, we live in the same apartment“.

These words of a great conductor who cultivates those even with the cameras off friendships that arise in the programs in which it takes part

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