Lorella Cuccarini, have you ever seen her 31-year-old son? He is a famous DJ

Have you ever seen Lorella Cuccarini’s son? He is a famous DJ and looks a lot like his mother. That’s who it is

Lorella Cuccarini was nicknamed “the most loved by Italians“. Her success since her debut has been, indeed, sensational. Born in Rome on 10 August 1965, she started taking dance classes when she was very young. Her debut on television came when the young Lorella was only 12 years old: her dance teacher, Enzo Paolo Turchi, made her exhibit together with the other students during an episode of the variety show But what an evening, conducted by Raffaella CarrĂ . His first major role on television came in 1985, when he joined Pippo Baudo in the sixth edition of Fantastic.

Dancer, singer, showgirl, presenter: there are many talents of the talented Lorella Cuccarini, who has reinvented her career over the years. In the 1980s and early 1990s she was primarily a showgirl and singer. His successes are unforgettable The night flies And Sugar sugar, songs that can still be listened to now, almost forty years after their release. Later, however, the singer of Another love noa passage that led to the Sanremo Festival, has become an established host. We have seen her, for example, at the helm of iconic broadcasts such as Paperissima on Channel 5 e Sunday In on Rai 1. Now, the presenter is back in the Mediaset networks: we will see her, soon, again in the role of singing teacher at the school of Friends of Maria De Filippi.

Lorella Cuccarini’s son, as handsome as his mother

Since 1991, Lorella Cuccarini has been married to the record and television producer Silvio Capitta, also known as Silvio Testi. The two have four children. One of these, Chiara, is a very important player. In fact, you have been playing for years in the women’s section of Roma. Chiara Capitta has a twin brother, Giorgio, to whom she is strongly linked. Have you ever seen it? He is beautiful just like mom.

As reported Viaggiarealverde.it, Giorgio Capitta is a famous DJ. His stage name is Juraj. The DJ, born in May 2000, shares his love for music with his father, who is a producer. Giorgio Capitta is very popular on social media: his Instagram page has, in fact, more than 12 thousand followers. Those who follow him on Instagram know that he has performed on several occasions, where he has played his music. We often see him in the company of his sister and mother, to whom he is very attached. What a beautiful family that of Lorella Cuccarini!

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