Lorella Cuccarini, the great hidden pain

The showgirl hides a deep pain behind her smile. After what happened, she didn’t want to hang out with him anymore: open wound

Lorella Cuccarini (Youtube)

Beloved showgirl, Lorella Cuccarini has lived in recent years a real rebirth. After the difficulties experienced in Rai, Maria de Filippi wanted her with him to Amici: for Cuccarini, it was certainly one of the best shots of his career. First dance coach and then singing coach, among the professors she is certainly one of the most maternal, but what she can be strict when needed.

Behind her bright smile that never fails, however, lies a past not without difficulties. In fact, in his family there was a big dramawhich has marked it forever: even today, it carries with it the aftermath of what happened.

Lorella Cuccarini and the relationship with her father

Lorella Cuccarini
Lorella Cuccarini (Youtube)

In Lorella Cuccarini’s life there was a first great pain, the separation of his parents. This happened when she was only ten years old but, despite her tender age, she was marked by the event. Today, in fact, Lorella Cuccarini has a close family and numerous with three splendid children, perhaps also the result of the pain suffered as a child.

After a short time, however, another blow came for her: the father was arrested due to usury and loan sharking, with the involvement of the mafia as well. Probably, it was these shady turns that led Lorella’s mother to separate from her husband, years before her: she wanted to protect her children from that bad situation. From the moment Vero Cuccarini is arrested, Lorella he hardly has any contact with us: still today, he sees it practically only on holidays.

During the day dedicated to Father’s Day, Cuccarini posted on Instagram some very sweet and thoughtful words on the subject. “I was looking for a photo with you. I did not find her. For sure you have not been an exemplary father. But I will always say “thank you”, because you and mom gave me life. Certainly – in your own way – you loved us“. In an old interview, the showgirl admitted to not be aware of the details of the father’s crimes. At the behest of her mother, who raised the children on her own, she wanted to stay out of the question.

Although he certainly warned the lack of this figureit seems that Lorella Cuccarini today has resolved the accounts with her past: her splendid family confirms this.

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