“Luckily foreign properties have arrived in Italy”

The winter transfer market January anticipated by a few weeks, so between November and December during the World Cup in Qatar, to avoid the players – as happens these days – from playing with the clubs in open negotiations? A “pertinent” question defines it Giuseppe Marotta, attending the inauguration of the final three days of summer market negotiations at the Gallia hotel in Milan. “But we should act at Uefa level, perhaps through the ECA (the association of clubs, ed). Even in these hours in each club there are situations to be defined, including who must complete the squad or place the redundancies. severe discomfort for the players: it will also be in mid-November when there will be two months of partial inactivity. “

The Inter CEO then spoke about the Italian situation: “I hope there can be important blows in these last market hours even if we are currently at a lower level than the tops championships. It is no coincidence that there is more and more space for foreign ownership. “Marotta continues his speech in this sense:” Italian football is in huge financial contraction. Luckily foreign properties have arrived which led to a different business model and a different mindset. Otherwise our football would have been even more in difficulty. “

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