Make money with vacant lot – here’s how. “Crazy”

We have already dealt with the “delicate” issue of investments, speaking for example of BTP, that is the most common treasury bills, made available to the state for many years now, and renewed with a certain frequency. While keeping money is undoubtedly a wise idea, knowing how to invest it is even more important. It is no coincidence that many decide to invest their savings in businesses, real estate or land, which inevitably give the impression of being more reliable, but this is not always the case, and the problem dictated by the various forms of abandoned land which are very present in a reality like ours, they are an example.

Make money with vacant lot – here’s how. “Crazy”

The abandonment of a land, even if once flourishing, can be dictated by a series of conditions and factors, which are not always dependent on the skills of the owner. But in some cases a land no longer used and abandoned can guarantee a concrete profit, through a new investment, even of a not so expensive nature.

It is important to examine the “legal” condition of the land, which can be completely abandoned, ie no longer in the possession of an owner or it can still be someone’s. In the first case, it is necessary to contact the municipality of belonging to define the possibilities of use. In many cases it is possible to use an abandoned land free of charge, if it is not claimed within a certain period of time (between 10 and 20 years), this automatically becomes ours by right of usucapione.

There is also the need to evaluate the use that can be made of a land, which can be oriented to cultivation or breeding or to use it for sports use, for example by converting it to a five-a-side football or padel field.

The breeding of honey bees is particularly popular, but also snails and earthworms, as well as a series of products that belong to profitable niches such as lavender, saffron, goji berries, bamboo. To understand the potential of a land, the work of a is essential agronomist.

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