Manila’s drama Nazzaro, an indelible scar

The beauty queen Manila Nazzaro has a traumatic and indelible event behind her.

Manila Nazzaro (youtube source)

The television and radio host Manila Nazzaro became known by the general public thanks to the victory in the kermesse of Miss Italy in 1996, where it was consecrated as the 60th icon of Italian beauty in the world. Subsequently, her loose gab and her soothing temperament opened the doors to show business for her, and she attended several theatrical shows and TV programs.

The crowd bath in front of the eyes of millions of spectators in the latest edition of “GF Vip”Allowed the public to get to know her more closely. Manila actually touched the final of the reality show, consolidating itself as one indispensable reference figure for fellow adventurers. Repeatedly renamed “dishwasher“, The former queen has stood out for her caring spirit and empathy, sometimes yielding to sporadic ones moments of despair in the confessional. Precisely during one of these intimate dates, Manila vaguely recalled an episode from the past that it has profoundly marked it: Let’s see what it’s about.

Manila Nazzaro and the unexpected abortion: this is how it really went

Manila Nazzaro
Manila Nazzaro (youtube source)

The former Miss Italy is a veteran of the marriage with the former footballer Francesco Cozza, to whom she remained linked until 2017, and with whom she had two children. Later, Manila staked everything on the entrepreneur Lorenzo Amoruso, with whom he also shared the destabilizing experience of the “Temptation Island” program. Although not yet air of confetti, the couple appears cohesive and complicit, also strengthened by the participation of the Miss in the sixth edition of the “GF Vip”.

Manila, during the confinement in the Cinecittà house, vaguely mentioned an episode from the extremely painful past: it is a miscarriage, which took place during the relationship with the entrepreneur. The couple longed for a child but, as Manila said, the pregnancy was abruptly interrupted a few weeks after fertilization. The presenter said to Silvia Toffanin’s microphones: “On November 17th for a checkup we found that the little heart of the child I was expecting was not beating, so it was initially assumed that it would take longer. Lorenzo immediately understood that there was nothing more to do while I didn’t want to ascertain it, I still felt it inside, I had a physical certainty. Then, a further check certified that the pregnancy ended at nine weeks“.

Even years later, the memory of the loss still haunts her, despite Manila not having lost the will to live: “It is a deep and silent pain, I felt empty. I was also advised not to tell it and this increased my suffering even more“. The former Miss still wanted to leave a positive message to other women: “It can happen to everyone, we are not alone … You must never lose your smilethe rainbow always comes!“.

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