Manuel Bortuzzo, the photo of the kiss with the new girlfriend Angelica Benevieri

The swimmer finds the smile again, this time alongside a TikTok creator. Four months after the breakup with Lulù Selassié, known inside the house of the GF Vip, a tender shot makes the new couple official

Four months after the breakup, via Instagram, with Lulù Selassié, met during the experience at Big Brother Vip, Manuel Bortuzzo finds love again. This time in the arms of a TikTok creator, Angelica Benevieri. – photo | video

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THE END WITH LULÙ – “We understand that significant differences of views between us cannot be overcome. We tried, unfortunately it is not possible to continue. From today everyone on his way, without rancor. With these words in April the swim marked the end of the story with his housemate at the GF vip. “Between me and Lulù it was a wonderful interlude but it has not found a return in real life”.

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A NEW LOVE – Manuel did not remain idle and publishes a tender photo of a kiss, the formalization of the relationship with the tiktoker Angelica Benevieri. It was she who posted the shot on her profile, then promptly shared by Manuel with a little red heart. It is not known how the two met, but rumors have been circulating for a few weeks already.

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WHO IS ANGELICA – Twenty years, on TikTok the creator has about 270 thousand followers and lives in Rome. In her past, some appearances on TV: as in the cast of Imperfetti unknown by Cesare Bocci, broadcast on Rai3.



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