Maria Antonietta Sisini, companion Giuni Russo / “You were not of this world …”

They met in a club. Giuni Russo he was 17, Marie Antoinette Sisini instead 18. The latter played with her band. Her love for her music immediately united them and it was so strong that they managed to make Marie Antoinette’s mother change her mind, who hated her for her breakup with her husband Francesco Sisini, guitarist always around Sardinia . In that house in fact Giuni Russo found love and protection: they were soul mates. In fact, she was returning to the island to visit Marie Antoinette’s mother who was ill. On one of those trips she thought of the phrase “I want to go to Alghero in the company of a foreigner”.

I’m a little ashamed, because your mom is sick and I’m going to think such a frivolous thingHe justified himself Giuni Russo with the comrade Maria Antonietta Sisini. He considered her a second mother, in fact she was sick because she could not be next to her during her illness. “We were a family, we lived next to each other for 36 years. In Milan and a lot in Sardinia. She was Sicilian but she also felt Sardinian»He told La Nuova Sardegna last year. Since her partner is gone, she has been promoting her music.


It was the summer of 1999 when Giuni Russo discovered he had a brain tumor, but his life did not stop: he continued to work and sing. When she went to Sanremo in 2003, however, she felt that he was about to die. Moments that her partner painfully remembered. “In the meantime, she is busy giving me directions for how long I will be alone: ​​do this, do the other. I tell her “shut up, I don’t want to hear sad talk”. But every single syllable and word stayed with me“. Since the day she died Marie Antoinette Sisini however, he carries it with him. “They are the indelible memories of a special person, who suffered a lot and didn’t have enough. I hope to give her the glory she deserves», Said in 2021 to La Nuova Sardegna the companion of Giuni Russo. Instead, Rolling Stone defined her as alien: “Giuni, if I have to say it all, was not of this world, and not only from an artistic point of view, but also from a human point of view“.


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