Maria De Filippi, face completely distorted by surgery: before and after

Maria De Filippi is one of the fundamental pillars of Italian television. In fact, today it is unthinkable not to see it on the small screen in everyday life. Her credit is undoubtedly her innate talent in the art of entertainment. Soon we will see you again at the helm of the conduction of beloved television programs, such as Men and women.

Not to be forgotten Friends, You’ve Got Mail And Tu si que vales. Surely he will have other projects in mind to propose to the top management of the Mediaset, so we just have to wait. Those who have followed it since its early beginnings noticed a cosmetic change. Could it be thanks to the surgeon? Let’s go find out.

Maria De Filippi-Show only

Born in Milan on December 5, 1961, Maria De Filippi started working for channel 5 in 1992. He is owner with RTI of the television production company PGT charmsince in 2013 he founded Twitty TVor the site that offers many television programs that he conducts in first person.

Everyone agrees that she is equipped with an undisputed professionalism and also a strong empathy. He is able to communicate with the interlocutor in such a way as to change the dynamics of a given situation. Just think of the stories that end with a happy ending in the study of You’ve Got Mail thanks to his intervention. During his career he has undergone a change from an aesthetic point of view. She thought about it Strip the news with the address book Made and redone to highlight it.

Did Maria De Filippi give in to retouch?

The program of Antonio Ricci leaves no way out to anyone. Many well-known faces of the entertainment world pass under the magnifying glass and among these there is also the queen of Mediaset.

The service was achieved when at the helm of the conduct of Strip the news there were the comedians Ficarra and Picone. Here is what was said: “Maria is one of the most popular conductors… The scanner has detected a slight anomaly in the face. By comparison it seems that she has resorted to revitalizing pricks “. In fact, the change is not that excessive. Despite the passing of the years it always has its charm, not at all distorted as often happens today. She is the clear confirmation that natural beauty always has an edge.

The highly anticipated edition of UeD

Starting from Monday 19 September 2022 it will return to channel 5 in the afternoon Men and women. We will see some good ones from the first episode based on the advances leaked on the web. There will be squabbles between Tina Cipollari And Gemma Galgani, Gianni Sperti will point the finger at Armando Incarnato And Ida Platano he will say he kissed Alessandro Vicinanza.

Facts and Facts section of Striscia la Notizia -
Facts and Facts section of Striscia la Notizia –

In addition, the new tronists will be presented. Among these there is Federica Aversanothe non-choice of Matteo Ranieri. There is no good blood between her and Tina, so no doubt they will clash. We just have to wait for the first episode by counting down.

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