Maria De Filippi in the storm

Bitter return from holidays for Maria De Filippo who has already seen the first storm arise in the studies of Men and Women, which is why Maurizio Costanzo’s wife was forced to intervene.

Maria De Filippi is officially back operational on all fronts, showing those are the details of the television programs that will see the conduct of Mrs. Costanzo and beyond. We remember, in fact, that Maria De Filippi was entrusted with the production of the new edition of La Talpa, which marks a very welcome return of the reality show.

Now, however, we find Maria De Filippi who started the work in progress for the new edition of Men and Women, presenting the new tronists and welcoming in the studio all the characters of the Throne Over for which the souls were judged as tense as the strings of the violin. Here’s what happened.

New storm for Maria De Filippi

The beginning of Men and Women was very turbulent for Maria De Filippi following a sensational quarrel between two well-known faces of the Throne Over. During the first phase of the recordings it would seem that the characters in question had animated discussions, giving rise to a sensational quarrel that left everyone present and even the presenter speechless.

Maria De Filippitherefore, she was forced to intervene to calm the spirits and make sure that the two characters in question stopped fighting heavily, thus losing control of the situation.

Bitter return to studies

According to what has been made known by various magazines, it would seem that during the first recordings of the new edition of Men and Womento be the protagonists of a sensational quarrel were just Ida Platano and Riccardo Guarnieri.

After Platano’s intentions to try again with her ex-partner, in the summer the two decided to separate again and then meet in front of the cameras of Men and women. A particularly turbulent moment, during which big words have flown between the lady and the knight … is it the beginning of a new act for their love story, or the final goodbye after several push and pull?

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