Market and injuries “push” him onto the pitch: so Ilkhan pays for his inexperience

There is no time to grow calmly: for the Turkish the emergency in midfield means adapting quickly to our football: with the possibility of making mistakes

The most disappointed after last night is certainly the young Turkish Ilkhan: he is the one who loses in the 89th minute Brozovic in the action of the goal, that goal that will be decisive. Yet the impact with the race had been excellent, as well as he had faced the first star a few days ago. On the pitch instead of a good Linetty, but suffering from the flexor, at San Siro the former Besiktas found himself catapulted into a difficult game, moreover in a delicate moment, with the Nerazzurri team under pressure in search of the goal. His ball with the tachometer that ends up in Radonjic, good at engaging Handanovic, protagonist of one of the many parades in the afternoon. Then that mistake, that inattention. “He was sorry for the game, then I went to hug him and tell him to stay calm, even the boys were close to him. I still have to see the goal well, but mistakes happeno ”, explained the coach at the end of the game.

The emergency makes him skip the steps

Ilkhan catapulted into the field, as mentioned: and Paro could not have done otherwise, struggling with a major emergency in midfield. The market did not bring any news to Juric, Ricci is still in the pits, and the little annoyance that Linetty has encountered has forced a solution other than the desirable one. And not that the Turk is potentially not up to it: he will become one, he will gain experience. Another way is not possible: the midfielder can be a starter if necessary or face emergencies. In this Taurus there is no time to prepare.

Emirhan Ilkhan

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