Martina Hamdy is ready to play tennis: pure spectacle

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His posts send the web into a frenzy. Martina Hamdy’s beauty is more unique than rare. Few can afford it.

She was among the main protagonists of two very important reality shows even if very different from each other; Martina Hamdy, also thanks to these experiences, she managed to be a well-known woman in the entertainment world. Let’s see what programs it is.


The first we want speak is Back to School; we are talking about a different program than usual where culture and fun are combined. The protagonists are the famous or otherwise known characters in the entertainment world and the very special teachers who have the task of helping VIPs to pass the fifth grade exam.

During an episode among the famous people we also saw the presence of Martina Hamdy; the experience, unfortunately, was not the best considering how she failed to pass the exam and was, therefore, rejected. Let’s now turn to Big Brother.

It must be emphasized that she decided to enter reality for two reasons: to be able to live with strangers under the same roof and to lay a solid foundation to be able to become a TV presenter. She did not win the program but she was certainly, in terms of experience, more important than the one she lived in Back to School. Martina Hamdy she came out of the house most spied onItaly enriched at the level of friendship having known Giulia Salemi.

Martina Hamdy, unique beauty: enchanted fans

Seeing this photo, taken directly from his profile Instagramwe can notice the extraordinary beauty and the incredible charm of Martina Hamdy. On the red clay (well-known tennis circuit) we realize how the former gieffina wears a totally white suit with a racket in tow. It all shows that she is ready for a tennis match.

Martina Hamdy

Martina Hamdy, as we previously mentioned, she is a very well known woman within the entertainment world. This thanks, of course, to two very important reality shows; unlike what one might think, the former gieffina does not yet have such a large number of followers. It is conceivable as, over time, her notoriety at the level Instagram is destined to rise.

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