Maurizio Costanzo, the revelation that no one expected: “a mental illness”

The conductor Maurizio Costanzo confessed to have a “mental illness”: that’s what it is.

No doubt, Maurizio Costanzo is one of the most famous characters in the world of television. He started working as a journalist when he was very young and has witnessed all the phases and all the evolutions of the entertainment and media environment. One of his best-known programs is obviously the Maurizio Costanzo Showwhich he has been conducting for years with enormous success and inviting very interesting guests.

Maurizio Costanzo –

Like all famous people, Maurizio Costanzo is also known for his life away from the cameras. Before meeting his current wife, the very famous Maria De Filippithe presenter he had already married three times. The first time was in 1963 with the reporter Lori Sammartino and the second in 1973 with the journalist Flaminia Morandi, with whom he remained until 1984. From this second marriage two children were born, Saverio and Camilla who now work in the world of TV.

Just when he met the queen of Friends, There is mail for you and Men and women, the television author had already married for the third time. In fact, in 1990 he married the TV presenter Marta Flavi, at the time at the height of its success with the broadcasting Agenzia Matrimonial. He married his current partner in 1995 after they got divorced. Of this marriage no natural children were born, but the couple has adopted a child, Gabriele, in 2004. Today he is about thirty years old.

Maurizio Costanzo is a man Reserved, but recently he let himself go with an unexpected revelation. Here’s what he said.

Maurizio Costanzo, the strange “mental illness”

Some time ago Maurizio Costanzo let himself go to a long one interview to the Corriere della sera. On this occasion he talked about his work in the media world and how passionate he is about it. During this interview he revealed an unexpected detail of his private life of him.

He said that he is always very busy with work and that he is particularly “fixed“, To the point of looking“ sick ”. These are his words: “In my studio there are twelve screens tuned to twelve channels, I recognize that it is a form of mental illness“.

Maurizio Costanzo –

No one would have ever said such a thing, even if we must admit that the fruit of this commitment is seen in the great quality of the programs that are then released in his name. What do you think about it? Do you also have some strange obsessions?

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