medical examinations have already been carried out

ROMEHere we are. Andrea Belotti is preparing to become a new player of the Rome from Mourinho after a long courtship, it went on practically for the duration of the summer market. The attacker already underwent medical examinations at Villa Stuart today. Soon he will be officially a player of the Giallorossi club.

Belotti, the letter for the Torino fans

Through your Instagram profile, Belotti greeted the fans of the Turin with a long farewell letter: “Dear Toro, dear Toro fans, it is difficult for me to explain what we have lived together in these 7 years. I arrived when I was little more than a kid and day after day I grew up, based on the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat this team represents. I looked for to bring out everything I had inside, in every training session and in every game, to try to repay the love you have shown me. We have suffered, rejoiced and rejoiced together. You have always been there, in every situation. I want to tell you an enormous THANK YOU. Thank you for what you have done for me, thank you for how you made me feel, because, even in the hardest moments, I knew that you were always there and in any case. Your affection pushed me to give more and more. Not I know if I have managed to repay everything you have done for me, but one thing is certain, in my heart you will always be there. I know that my silence, all this time, may have hurt you and I apologize for that, but there have been situations that me led to do so. My thought has always been to protect this shirt and these colors. I thank all the people who have been part of this long journey, of each I remember something that entered my life baggage and in one way or another made me grow. I wish the best to each of you. There are memories that will remain indelible: the captain’s armband, the magic of May 4th, the Maratona curve that screams my name. Now, I am leaving as a man, as a father of a family, aware that I have given my all over the years. It will never be goodbye, because Turin will always remain home for me. Thanks for everything!”.

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