Meghan Markle, “shocked” by the car trip with Sophie from Wessex

Was Sophie of Wessex to choose to travel together with Meghan Markleduring the transport of the coffin of the Queen Elizabeth from Buckingham Palace to Westminster? According to the expert Neil Sean, there is a good chance that this is the case. None official confirmationobviously, but the photos of the wife of the Prince Edward sitting next to the Duchess of Sussex however, they attracted the attention of the reporter.

Two enterprising women, he decided, but distant in the collective imagination as regards relations with the crown. Beyond the speculations, no one knows exactly the air that pulls between Meghan and the Buildingit is certain that Sophie has been – especially in recent years – one of the people closest to late monarch. Which, in turn, is rumored to be treating her like a daughter.

That’s why, seeing them alongside, it raised several reflections. “Saying that car ride was like a ride in the mountains Russian in Coney Island would be an understatement », reads the article published on Fox News. In which it is speculated that Meghan thought she was traveling with her husband Harry and she did not imagine of having to share the car with Sophie, one of the pillars of today Windsor house.

It was she who released the first sarcastic comment on the bombshell statements made by the Sussexes to Oprah Winfrey in 2021: “Which interview? Oprah who?“. On the other hand, Sophie has a professional background in public relations, he knows how to weigh words well. None were caught by objectives of cameras en route through the streets of Londonas if the two women were rimaste in silence.

Difficult to have really gone like this, but Neil Sean claims that Meghan is anyway “remainedshockFrom those a few kilometers by car: «It is surprising if Meghan, immediately after a Westminster Hall, did she squeeze her husband’s hand tightly? By the way, the Duchess could end up in a car with Sophie too Mondayshould Harry be called upon to perform an assignmentTogether with his father and brother.

A car that would have, even more, the spotlight on him.

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