Men and women, a beloved former tronista defends Selvaggia Roma from the offenses after the news of the miscarriage

Yesterday the former protagonist of Temptation Island and the former suitor of Men and women Wild Rome communicated to his numerous followers of having lost the baby that she was carrying in her womb, and that she should have been born in a few months.

The tragic news quickly made the rounds of the web and despite the Rome has received many demonstrations of affection, someone has seen fit to offend her under the posts that reported the news of the serious loss she suffered Wild.

Today, the former tronista of Rome has thought about defending Rome with the sword Men and women Andrea Nicole Conteand he did it with these words:

You know that there are issues in which I am very sensitive, motherhood is one of them. And since today I learned the news, unfortunately tragic, of Wild Rome I had the misfortune to stumble upon some comments under the posts that talked about what happened.

It’s still:

To the creators of these comments I want to say only one thing: fool, and I tell you from the bottom of my heart, you are the worst scum in my opinion, because in a moment like this the person may like it or not like it but it remains a tragic event. , regardless of whether the subject is nice or not. So keep certain comments to yourself, there is no obligation to comment.

And then Andrea Nicole concluded: “You do not like? skip to the next step. There is no point in talking about hype and wanting to do it for the first few pages“.

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