Men and women, Davide Donadei caught with an ex of Riccardo Guarnieri, that’s who it is

The queen of gossip, Deianira Marzano, publishes a story in which Davide Donadei is in the company of a former dame of Men and Women.

Davide Donadei was one of the first tronists to return to the studio after the health emergency. Maria has changed the whole study to allow the tronists, suitors, suitors and parterre to return to the Elios studios and talk to everyone about their knowledge in the study center. Davide after a long journey chose Chiara Rabbi. She had left her city, her family and all her affections to move to David. They started working together in her restaurant and seemed, as well as very much in love, ready to build a solid foundation for a future together. However, something at the beginning of the summer had begun to arouse some suspicion among the couple’s fans who had noticed that for some time they had not appeared together in the photos and in their respective stories. Everyone was asking the boys if anything had happened and the answer left everyone speechless.

Davide Donadei caught with a former dame for a parterre of men and women, she is the ex of Riccardo Guarnieri

Amedeo Venza, who is considered by all to be the greatest expert on Gossip, called the couple and communicated to everyone that unlike many other couples who have always just thought about appearing, Chiara and Davide were facing a period of crisis. He hoped that the two could solve their problems as they had worked so hard to build their future. However, the couple soon announced the separation. Chiara, destroyed, asked she has all discretion as she continued to receive photos of her ex of her around clubs in the company of girls. Visibly lost, everyone began to worry about her who, despite everything, always spent kind words for Davide.

Deianira Marzano has received many reports on Davide’s outings among the clubs but in the latest stories he has published has shocked all the fans of Men and Women. Davide was caught with Roberta La Padua. The lady was in the parterre for a very long time until she decided to go out with Riccardo Guarnieri, former historian of Ida Platano. Riccardo, however, returned to the studio confessing that the two had agreed to go out together but there were no strong feelings to unite them. Roberta tried on several occasions to explain her point of view but continually attacked by Gianni, Tina and even Ida, she decided to abandon the transmission. What is happening between you and Davide?

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