Men and women, Nicole Mazzocato talks about the kilograms taken in pregnancy

Nicole Mazzocato it is recently become a mother.

The former well-known face of Men and women he wanted to share with his fans all the moments that preceded the very emotional moment, but above all also all the moments after childbirth. Through videos posted on his profile Instagram in fact he started talking about his physical change. To the curious users who asked her how many kilos she gained in pregnancy, the Mazzocato he replied:

A total of 13 kilos, of which, however, I lost one last week because I couldn’t wait to give birth, I couldn’t take it anymore. And so I did some walking marathons and I probably lost a pound there. I gave birth, I went home and I was already less than 7 kilos. But I would hope to keep the extra pounds now because I like my body a lot anyway. I really like the curves, they seem like clichés but I swear to you, you know that I had problems gaining weight, so I would hope they would stay.

About that, Nicole Mazzocato he also expressed his opinion on the events that concern the criticism of pregnant women who put on a few pounds. We remember, among these, too the story of Chiara Nasti, often under accusation because of her physical form. Here are the words of the new mother:

Another thing I wanted to tell you is that I have followed the debates related to gaining weight in pregnancy for a while; I would not even mention some of them because they are not worth it, but I would like to tell you that you can rest assured, do not be paranoid because you put on kilos. Obviously, do not binge, but a lot of kilos are also added to the placenta, the extending uterus, the amniotic acid, the baby… so be calm, the weight is then lost. The important thing is that you are mentally calm. Even those that say: “I start the gym so I don’t put on too many extra kilos”; don’t do it! Unless you are those people who are fine because they release tension with the gym, then keep it because it is a support, followed by professionals. Otherwise, don’t put things in your head, be calm.

Then he went on to tell the moment of childbirth:

On the evening of the 12th I start to have contractions and I go to the hospital to do a monitoring. They send me home because I had a dilation of 1 cm. Two days later, on August 14th, I wake up because I hear a noise inside my body. (…) From there the strong contractions begin, every 2-3 minutes. We arrive at the hospital and they visit me. From here they understand that I have a dilation of 3 cm and the contractions are already strong. So I do 2 hours of contractions in the labor room and (…) by 3:20 I gave birth. I got there at 9.

I tell you the truth: childbirth is a birth, it’s not like shopping, or a walk. But you can rest assured, you don’t die of pain.

The influencer then revealed that she is very tired, although the little guy is quite calm and serene. And to those who asked her: “Why did you name your father-in-law?“, he answered:

Paul certainly yes he is my father-in-law, but it is a name that we like regardless; is an Italian name, a name that hasn’t been used much lately. No one was forced to wear it, on the contrary, we chose it together so everything is okay, don’t worry.

It goes without saying that the full resemblance has already begun between users. There are those who tell her that her baby looks all like her father and those who tell her that he looks all like her, in this regard. Nicole Mazzocato he ironically said:

I like this fight that we are carrying on together. I also like that you give me this moral support where you tell me: “It’s the same as you!”. I like it, I love you, thank you. But he is identical to his father, but we hope that at least the color of his eyes has taken it from me. Actually right now the color is cerulean. All the children have that color there and it will be understood in a month or so.

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