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Sources close to the TV presenter reveal the break to Chi: “Certain acquaintances, how they are born, end, there is no particular reason”

Finite relationship between Michelle Hunziker and the Sardinian surgeon Giovanni Angiolini: the scoop comes from the weekly «Chi», on newsstands on Wednesday 24 August. “I’m glad I made a mistake because this is the only way you can go forward”, she had declared to the weekly Mondadori: now, after the first kiss in Sardinia in March, the meeting in a hotel in Milan and the love escape in Paris, the presenter forget the former contestant of Big Brother 2015. Sources close to the presenter who has just separated from Tomaso Trussardi they tell Chi that “How certain acquaintances come to an end, there is no particular reason”, confiding that she has forgiven herself and her ex-husband.

Stories with Eros on Instagram

Their story, which lasted less than a summer, is already over: meanwhile, Hunziker is in Franciacorta, in a resort near her ex-husband, Eros Ramazzotti and together they enjoy posting stories together. Year of changes for Michelle who, when married, lived with her husband in a villa in Bergamo. But recently the well-known TV presenter shared some images of a new apartment overlooking the skyscrapers of CityLife in Milan.

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