Milan, Comolli tells RedBird: “We will stay 10-15 years”

The president of Toulouse, owned by the American fund since 2020: “Long-term projects, possible synergy with the Rossoneri”

Pending the closing that will definitively sanction the passage of the Milan from Elliot to RedBird he thought about it Damien Comolli to give the Rossoneri people an anticipation of what will be the strategies of the American fund for the future of the club. President of Toulouse since 2020, that is, since the company passed under the control of RedBird, Comolli spoke about the company: “RedBird means long term, not speculation – his words to ActuFoot – The average period of control of a company is 12 years and at the moment we think about what we will do in 10 or 15. All the money earned is reinvested in transfers, in the amount of wages or in infrastructure “.

Comolli wanted to emphasize in a decisive way what has been done in these first two years of management of the Occitan club: “We are investing one million euros in the construction of the training center with the money we get from the transfers. A lot of money has been invested in a new center. of performance for the team “.

Also clear the market strategies: “We are not here to sell players, we are here to invest in the club, to make it grow and reach as high as possible. If a player does not want to extend his contract, we will be obliged to sell him and if we receive an offer that we believe is superior. at the market price and that we can reinvest to improve the team, we will always do it. And always with the aim of improving, not with the aim of making money in the short term. “

Finally he did not rule out one synergy with Milanonce the transfer of ownership has been formalized: “The two clubs will be independent. A collaboration? We haven’t talked about it, but everything is possible”.

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