Milan, if even a draw at Atalanta feels like a joke, you are on the right path. Now space for newcomers

When even a draw at homeAtalanta on the second day it almost smacks of mockery, it means that you are on the right track. Despite this, what we saw tonight in Bergamo was not a good one Milan. Or at least, not one of the best.

Lacky teamthe offensive department blocked – unlike what we saw a week ago against Udinese – e another goal concededwhich is not a tragedy, but this defense had become accustomed to something else in the latter part of last season and will have to regroup as soon as possible.

Atalanta Milan

It was what made things more complicated an Atalanta much more shrewd and wait-and-see than might have been expected. Gasperini’s team, “betraying”(So to speak) the playing principles that have characterized it in recent years, he preferred to leave the ball of the game to the Rossoneri, trying to limit the offensives of Leao, Rebic and company. Moreover, with some success, at least until billiard shot of a Bennacer more and more leaders of this Milan.

This time not even the substitutions – all right – have managed to overturn the game. Meanwhile, the first glimpses of De Ketelaere and its great qualities. The impression is that the Belgian, also applauded by Pioli in post gameyou only need the right continuity to start recording.

The continuous difficulties of the Rossoneri from a corner kick, a game situation in which for months now they have not been able to find the way to the goal. Even against Atalanta, Pioli’s team beat 6 corners, but never made a difference. He urgently needs to find a solution as soon as possible, because there is no shortage of physical players and Milan must also be able to count on this fundamental.

Atalanta Milan

Now the Rossoneri are preparing to face the first tour de force of this anomalous season, with three games to play in just seven days: it starts next Saturday at San Siro against Bolognapassing through the away match of Sassuolo in the midweek shift (Tuesday at 18.30) and then conclude, again at San Siro, with the derby of the Madonnina on Saturday 3 September.

It will be the first real one occasion for Pioli to give more space for newcomers, which were seen only for a few clips in the first two games. Among all, only Adli is still waiting to make his Serie A debut after the excellent pre-season played. It will also be interesting to understand where it will be used, given the heavy competition on the trocar. And if in the end he was the median that Milan are looking for?

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