Milan, not only Yankees and LeBron: also Silva and US investors

There will not be only the New York Yankees and LeBron James among the partners of Gerry Cardinale in the operation for Milan. As learned from Football and Financein fact, among those who will participate in the acquisition of the Rossoneri club together with RedBird there will also be other relevant names and companies.

Starting from Riccardo Silva, Italian entrepreneur, president and co-owner of Miami FC, who in recent weeks also visited Cardinale on the French Riviera aboard a yacht in Saint Tropez. Silva, presented to the number one of RedBird by Elliott, will not have operational duties in the Rossoneri club, however representing a touch of Milanese and Milanese spirit within the Cardinal’s partners in the deal for Milan.

Cardinale’s strategy was to create a new fund apart from RedBird, not opening it to the market but asking RedBird investors to participate in the operation linked to the Rossoneri club: some gave their ok, others preferred not to participate.

Among others, between will participate next to RedBird there will also be Kaiser PermanenteUS medical giant, the Los Angeles County Pension Fund LACERA and investors Hugh Evans and Ramzi Musallam (manager of the Veritas Capital fund who, however, invested directly).

Kaiser Permanente is an American care consortium based in Oakland (California), founded in 1945 by the industrialist Henry J. Kaiser and the doctor Sidney Garfield. Today it owns 39 hospitals in the USA, with over 250 thousand employees and a turnover that reached 93 billion dollars in 2021.

LACERA is an independent government entity that administers and manages the Los Angeles County and Outlying Districts Pension Fund – the largest county pension system in the United States. Specifically, it administers and manages two segregated funds: the Los Angeles County Pension Fund, which provides retirement benefits for employees in the county and outlying districts, and the OPEB (Other Post-Employment Benefits), which provides health care and other benefits for County, LACERA and Superior Court retirees. Overall, the fund is worth approximately $ 70 billion.

Sources close to RedBird however, they deny the involvement of Kaiser Permanente And Tear.

Finally, Ramzi Musallam and Hugh Evans they are respectively CEO / Managing Partner and Managing Partner of the private equity fund Veritas Capital (fund that has assets of 40 billion dollars), but in the RedBird-Milan operation they personally invested. Musallama founding member of the company’s first institutional fund created in 1998, had previously worked at Pritzker & Pritzker, after starting his career at JP Morgan in the Structured Finance Division. Evanshowever, prior to Veritas he was a partner and member of the investment committee of the private equity fund Falconhead Capital, after starting his private equity career in 1992 at Merrill Lynch Capital Partners.

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