Miriam Leone irrepressible, the shot after the shower makes you crazy

Miriam Leone the shot after the shower drives her followers crazy again. A hymn to beauty but also to her land.

The famous Italian actress teases the imagination of followers with a fascinating photo that captures and enhances the shadows on her naked body. Passionate about Juve, he always shared everything he did with his fans. From professional choices to a simple holiday in the Maldives.

Miriam Leone (Instagram)

A constant contact with his followers, in order to tell about himself and show, not only from a physical point of view, who he really is Miriam Leone. In fact, from his posts it is clear how the passion for the sea goes hand in hand with that for the Juve that the magnificent Miriam she has loved it since she was very small.

Miriam Leone irrepressible

Miriam Leone
Miriam Leone (Instagram)

Beautiful and responsible, i have always pointed out to her followers, always attentive and vigilant about the situation of the attractive celebrity who, even in the midst of the pandemic, managed to make aficionados roll their eyes. With her beauty and her posts, she has always managed to attract a lot of attention to herself.

Last but not least, today’s post with this sentence: “Working in September in Sicily (yes, finally after years I am touring my land!), Swimming before having breakfast… one of the things I miss most, always…”.

In short, one of his usual posts where, in addition to bringing out all his beauty further, also his love for his Sicilian. A wonderful region, both from a cultural and naturalistic point of view. Fundamental aspects for a woman like Miriam who, never as in this case, will have the opportunity to work in her beloved land for a while.

A journey that ends in the best possible way, thus allowing her to appreciate even more the beauty of her beloved Sicily.

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