Mobile phone, the unforgivable mistake that destroys it: we all do it

The new generation cell phones seem to cost more and more and last less and less, but why does life get shorter over time? The mistakes of the owners are many, but there is one that surpasses them all.

If your smartphone also starts to give problems, remaining on for less and less time, you have probably made this mistake since you made the purchase. Careless use can drastically reduce battery life and can lead to the mandatory replacement of the phone with a new model.

the error that destroys the mobile phone –

Here’s what you’re doing wrong

A mobile phone on average has a lifespan of 4-5 years, but more and more often people complain of malfunctions, even serious ones, which reduce this period to just 2-3 years. One of the most damaged components, in addition to the screen, is the battery.

Since the smartphone models have made the battery non-replaceable autonomously, the cost for this type of intervention has skyrocketed, precisely because it is compulsory to bring the phone to a specialized center. The price of the battery replacement depends on the brand and model of the smartphone but generally we talk about a minimum of 50 euros to reach prices that exceed 150 euros.

What to do to avoid this deterioration?

First, as soon as you buy a new smartphone, you should read the instruction sheet always included, where advice on appropriate use is listed. These guidelines help the owner a lot, as he will know what kind of behavior to adopt and what risks to avoid.

One of the most common actions that are done while using the phone is to charge the smartphone when there is no need for it. We must pay close attention to the percentage of our phone’s battery during its use, especially since the smartphone should only be charged when it is almost completely discharged, but always before it turns off.

Letting the phone “die”, bringing the charge to zero, can cause really huge damage, greatly reducing the life cycle of the smartphone.

battery error -
battery error –

Another common mistake is to charge the phone from a random charger or via PC. This behavior would lead to battery malfunctions due to the difference in amperage between the devices.

The best thing to do then is to read which type of charger your phone needs and use that only, without risking decreasing battery capacity, especially if temperatures exceed 40 degrees.

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