Mold alert in Italy: a cause of Alzheimer’s disease discovered, here is the study

The fear of mold that arrived in Italy seems to have come from overseas. In fact, according to several Australian newspapers, a 37-year-old woman may have developed Alzheimer’s disease following increased exposure to molds that were in her home and especially in her bathroom.

In this environment, in fact, due to a considerable water loss inside a wall, large spots of humidity had been created including fungal spores, responsible for the strange illnesses reported by the unfortunate woman.

Mold alert in Italy: a cause of Alzheimer’s disease discovered, here is the study

Amie Skilton, the woman affected by the disease, is a nutritionist who has always paid particular attention to her well-being, especially with regard to the dietary aspect.After several general medical visits, the woman was directed to a neurology expert who has identified a rare form of early Alzheimer’s disease.
As is well known, in fact, a similar disorder, which is characterized by the progressive degeneration of the neuronal cells of the brain, arises in old age, usually after 55 years. The appearance of such a pathology at the age of 37 is a rather infrequent event and difficult to correlate to organic causes. Only following the spread of the news on social media did the unfortunate protagonist of this story become aware of another case of disease related to contact with fungal spores enclosed in mold.

A still young man had shown a rather worrying set of symptoms after discovering that, in his home, several walls had been colonized by mold. At this point Amie Skilton took care to remove the mold deposits that had grown on the floors and walls of the bathroom, advancing with an improvement of the environment.

The amazing result is that after 5 years from the reclamation work, his health conditions have clearly improved to the point of having regained complete neuronal control. According to some scientific research, there is a close relationship between mold and Alzheimer’s disease since the toxins contained in the fungal spores operate by causing damage to the cells of the brain and other organs.

Thus, this explains the fear of mold which is becoming more and more popular. If you were to experience these symptoms it is good to go to your doctor and do not be alarmed early and understand if you have been suffering from the same rare pathology.

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