Monza-Juventus: Allegri’s conference

Juventus: Allegri’s press conference

“More than a reaction, you need to have great respect for Monza. It has good individualities, we must have more attention than those that are deficient situations. Markings and readings must be done better “.

Allegri on the moment of Juventus

“It’s not a question of a virtual Juve, if you play the best team we don’t have it. I made a report on injuries: compared to last year we had 11 muscle injuries, last year 10. We are always in discussion, surely we were wrong. I am the first and I am more wrong than the others. In these moments it takes a lot of clarity. If we had won with Benfica what would we have said? At this moment, giving explanations is useless. We cannot see everything negative, we must try to finish well tomorrow and then after the break we will recover some players. What is negative now can be positive in 20 days. We try to give us an explanation on the injuries, but there is no doubt about the fact that the staff works well ”.

Cheerful about the training of tomorrow

“Locatelli, Alex Sandro and Rabiot are not there. Tek is there but he’s not at his best, Perin plays. Di Maria will return from the first minute, I have to evaluate whether Kean or Kostic plays. We have some changes with some guys, then I have to decide in defense who to play. I meet my dear friend Galliani, together with the president it is always a pleasure to see them “.

Cheerful about the relationship with the team

“One thing I am sure of is that as usual these moments there are those who see them as negative and who as not. If we win I see the area of ​​improvement, when we lose they would be easy to see. There is only to do, to play. I’m sure because the team is fine. Even the physical condition, after the goal we scored in the first half we started running again. We didn’t make a tackle in the middle of the pitch and we conceded the goal. I’ve already passed these times, the more we cry on each other, the worse it is “.

Cheerful about the possible exemption

“I missed it, it was a lack I felt. I am very happy with this (laughs, ed). As soon as there is a half result Allegri is up for discussion, this amuses me. With the company we talk every day, we analyze. I always owe the company explanations. We only have to think about working, we remain calm ”.


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