Monza, Matteo Barattieri overwhelmed and killed in the United States by a pirate car after the Blondie concert –

from Rosella Redaelli

happened Thursday night. Barattieri, 57, a well-known face of Brianza environmentalism, was returning to the hotel after the show. His last post by him on Facebook: the photo of the street where he was then hit and the phrase on my way back after the show. A friend’s comment: Be careful not to get put under

Just a few days ago Matteo Barattieri, face of Monza’s environmentalismposted pictures of hers on her Facebook profile trip to the United States following the Tour of Blondie and singer Debby Harry that he had chosen as his profile picture. died Thursday night, hit by a car while returning to a hotel in Nashville after a concert. The announcement was made by the Facebook group Parco di Monza forever that Matteo Barattieri himself, 57, had founded and on which he often published articles and images of his naturalistic incursions. Horrible news from Nashville – writes Giancarlo Milani, founder of the Biassono anti-noise committee and well-known environmentalist – our dear Matteo seems to have been hit on the road that led him to the Blondie concert and died. The terrible news was confirmed to me by my sister Alessandra who is in contact with the local institutions for investigations and to find out more. For me, as I imagine for all the members of this Group, it is the loss of a true friend I was very fond of and had known for 30 years.

The last post

The latest post on Matteo Barattieri’s Facebook profile is a street in Nashville at night. He wrote in English: On my way back, after the show. Walking. Some Kilometers. As usual after a Blondie Gig(on foot, on the way back from the show. A few kilometers, as always, after a performance by Blondie).

The dramatic omen

An Italian friend invited him to be careful: 15 kilometers? At night? You have a lot of guts, be careful not to be put under by some car. When you are safely at your destination please let us know. Words that are read now bring the chills. From what has been learned, and also from what is reported by some local newspapers, Barattieri it would have been run over near Brownwood Drive. Rescue arrived immediately, but for Matteo Barattieri there was nothing more to be done, while a witness would have provided information to the police on the pirate car and investigations are still underway. The city shocked by the loss of a well-known name among environmentalists and beyond.

Who was

Born in Monza in 1965 after graduating in Geology, he was engaged in dissemination, teaching and education in the naturalistic and environmental sectors. He worked a lot with school children and in summer camps. He always moved on foot, backpack on his shoulders, at most by bicycle. A great connoisseur of the park, he was also a passionate ornithologist: the census of the birds in the park was repeated several times last year. In the park he promoted naturalistic visits, but he loved touring the city with his gaze turned upwards between the spiers of the Cathedral, the dome of San Gerardo or the roof of the town he went in search of swifts’ nests. He was always on the front line in defense of the park and the environment, he had been a member of the Park Committee for thirty years and had come out against the Bruce Springsteen concert on the Gerascia lawn in July next year. It was from him that the signaling of the construction site underway in the area under concession at the racetrack for the preparation of the FanZone for the centenary Grand Prix had started. Just the reports of him and those of other citizens led to the inspection of the local police and the reporting to the Prosecutor with the closure of the construction site.

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