Mortgages skyrocketing, installments inflated by 22% from January

The Sardinians who have bought a house are trembling with mortgages skyrocketing.

The rise in interest rates has inflated installments by 22% since January but according to many analysts the worst could still come: the increases expected until 2023 will exceed, in the most pessimistic estimates, the 30% threshold.

A nightmare for those who have already purchased and, for those who intend to do so, an increasingly crucial crossroads in the choice of type of financing: fixed or variable rate would mean saving tens of thousands of euros.

“The rate hikes decided by the European Central Bank in July and September have accelerated a sting on variable mortgages that has actually been underway since the beginning of the year – he explains. Andrea Polo, Communication Manager of – ​​Our simulations have not by chance established that for a standard loan of 126 thousand euros, signed last January with a duration of 25 years, at the beginning a monthly payment of 456 euros was paid. Nine months later it reached 560 euros. A substantial increase that could however be just the beginning “.

For Enrico Lobina, financial advisor from Cagliari, “the rise in rates risks throwing the budgets of families with lower incomes upside down. This is why a valid option for not losing your home could be to contact your bank for a re-negotiation of the mortgage that provides for a fixed installment with variable interest. A solution that has as a great unknown the duration of the loan, which has no certainty, but which allows for constant and more contained installments than those at a fixed rate. Moreover, statistically, the duration of these products almost always aligns with those at a fixed rate, making them more than advantageous “.


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