Mourinho thunders against Rome, so it is not possible

The Giallorossi coach blurts out, but also the Lazio one: they can no longer prepare their matches and see their efforts thwarted because of the pitch. But we know why

“After 20 minutes the Olimpico field looked like a potato field, you can’t, you can’t go on like this “. It is not anyone who speaks, but the technician of the Rome José Mourinho which, despite the victory over the Cremonese, bursts against the ground of the Olimpico. And before him he had also complained Maurizio Sarri, the Lazio coach. The two just can’t conceive that the pitch could be in these crumbling conditions after just a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes of play. A controversy that has been going on for a year.

These are the rolls of grass that are used to form the ground of the Olympic stadium (photo Ansa)

The two have always complained, ever since they landed in the capital. No one like the two of them. And it is normal that this is the case, considering that it is Mourinhois Sarri come from the Premier and there such fields or “of potatoes”As the Special One defined them, they just don’t exist. They do not see each other. And in England they play more than we do, but their fields are perfect.

Agronomist Castelli on TV Play: “In Serie A the fields are 22-25 mm high, in South America 30, an abysmal difference”

Roma striker Tammy Abraham on dilapidated ground (photo Ansa)

A specialist will analyze the situation, Giovanni Castelliagronomist of League and of Figs with whom they have been collaborating and working for years. Castelli spoke to Tv Play explaining the situation: “The Olimpico is a stadium that hosts two teams and in addition it is not limited to Rome and Lazio, but also a series of other events not always of the Federation but also extra football events such as rugby“.

“The ground is under the pressure of the use of more users than other facilities where only one team plays – he says Castles to Tv Play and who does not play the cups which is completely different. More, the Olimpico it is in natural grass that has a summer type of grass that must change its skin at the end of the summer ”. But it is not only, on the contrary, there is more, a background that few know: “Apart from the fact that Mourinho always knows what he is saying and then, the ground of the Serie A is 22-25 mm high, while in South America the height is 30 mm and this could make a big difference.

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